Sunday, September 18, 2011

Connor Higgins, Indulgences vs. Restraint

Hofstede's cultural dimensions theory of indulgences says that societies that have a higher ratio of indulgence are more free to satisfy themselves. So could you say that the more indulgence there is in a society- the less culture, the less civility there is? I say no... the most cultured of societies, for example Spain, drink wine and partake in other sources of alchohle and drugs even before lunch or commonly start having sex at the young age of sixteen, but still have somehow managed the ability to build Huge Cathedrals or be the ones to revoulutionize the art of warfare in building great castles. Spain has somehow made a culture by still fullfilling their indulgences.
Culture or the lack thereof does not affect social restraint either. As an example China is completly defined by culture, their very social restraint has been developed by their culture. This society has built a world wonder and is the current largest resource supplier in the world, but has one of the strictists societies seen in any culture. Can it be said then, that if Spain, a soceity of with a high ratio of indulgence, and China, a socitey with a lot of social restraint both have culture to spare that neither the social acceptance of Indulgences or Restraint effect culture, only the behavior of those individuals in the society.

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